Dating Tips Directly From Women Online

online dating tipsMake it the perfect date to keep her coming back for more

Winning a woman over is easier than men realize. Guys can get a woman to fall hard and fast if they play their cards right, and making all of the right moves is actually pretty simple to do. Once a guy stops thinking just about himself and tunes into what women really want from a date, then he’ll see that scoring with a gorgeous woman is totally attainable. Here are the top 8 dating tips right from women themselves:

  1. Get sexy

  2. A great date is based on chemistry and a flirtatious vibe, so if you’re stuffy, boring, or don’t have a sense of humour you’ll never contribute to the success of a date. Women don’t want to just have an interesting conversation, since they can do that in any platonic or business relationship. They want someone who will make a date feel like a date – someone who can turn up the heat with flirting, charisma, charm, and sex appeal. Those are the things that make a date a success in a woman’s eyes, not which expensive local restaurant you took her to.

  3. Dress to impress

  4. Here’s one of the easiest dating tips: women don’t actually care what you’re wearing, as long as it looks like you made an effort. You can be in jeans and a t-shirt but if you put effort into being clean and looking like you planned your look she’ll be happy. Women hate when a man shows up looking like dressing for a date was an afterthought. After all of the effort she puts into looking great for a night out the least a guy can do is try a little.

  5. Get groomed

  6. This is another area where guys misunderstand what a woman wants. She’s not expecting perfection – she just wants to know that a guy cares enough to have bothered to get ready and look his best. Shower, shave, put on your favorite sexy cologne, and you’re good to go. It’s that simple, yet so many men forget these basics that women love.

  7. Be a gentleman

  8. It doesn’t matter how casual your relationship is, what the vibe of the night is, or how much you even like her, basic rules of etiquette and respect always apply. Treating a woman with kindness is a must, even if you decide you’re not into her at all. The same rules apply for the other people you encounter on your date, from the waitstaff at the restaurant to the valet who parked your car. If you’re disrespectful or talk down to people it’s a huge turnoff for women.

  9. Show her a good time

  10. Women love when man a plans a cool and unique date, mostly because it shows that he tried. Even if it’s a total bust, she will always appreciate the effort. So if a picnic in the local park gets rained out it still looks better than a guy who didn’t bother to make any effort at all. Women just want to know that they are special enough to make a guy want to plan something special for her, no matter what you end up doing.

  11. Make a move

  12. All too often, men will create the perfect situation for a hookup to happen but they don’t seal the deal in the end and they part ways at the end of a date as just friends. Women want a man to assert himself and make a move. The whole reason for being on a date isn’t to make another pal, it’s to find someone who can take things to the next level. If you’re into her and the chemistry is there then definitely take your best moves and put them on her. Invite her up for a nightcap or lean in for a goodnight kiss. Closing the deal can really be that simple when done right.

  13. Keep a good thing going

  14. If you’re both into it then don’t take her out only to never call her again. Guys set themselves up for way more work than they need by going on a constant string of first dates. If you have an awesome date with a gorgeous woman then ask her out again and again. Guys tend to panic that a repeat date suddenly means that they’re in a relationship, but all it’s really doing is making things easier for them to score with a great woman with each additional date they take her on.

  15. Explore the possibilities

  16. Going on a few dates with a woman doesn’t have to mean that you’re headed for a serious, long-term relationship. Adjust your attitude on datingto start exploring all of the different types of relationships that you can have with a woman. Things can be kept casual and you two can enjoy a casual dating fling or a strings-free sex relationship. All you need to do is stay open and get creative about what your options are.

Key Features Of A Scam Dating Website

scam websiteHow To Know A Website Is A Scam

Scam sites in the online affairs website world have become very popular. Sometimes the entire site is a scam site, meaning that the monthly subscription you pay goes directly to the scam site owner. For years scam sites have been an issue – but only in recent years has the technology improved so much that criminals now know how crack legitimate dating sites and create scam profiles. This is obviously a problem for you as a person looking for casual sex, because either way you are paying money for nothing. The problem of having scammers create profiles is very common, and you may want to ask yourself if the online affairs website you want to use is full of scammers. The rise in popularity of online dating sites is matched in popularity by the increasing number of scam sites. So if you are just in it for casual sex, how do you know what to look for? For example, is MarriedDateLink a scam? No. MarriedDateLink is a good example of a legitimate site without any scammers on it. So that what makes a scam site? How can you tell that you might be dealing with one? Let’s investigate.

Scam Dating Sites

Let’s look at specific scam dating site profiles, which happen on a lot of sites. Not only that, but a lot of them are women from eastern Europe or various parts of Africa. That’s because these scam artists live in those parts of the world. That makes it really hard to hook up for casual sex, and qualifies the online dating site as a scam site. A lot of online affairs websites or just singles dating sites can be hacked by individual scammers that make up fake profiles. You need to be on high alert every time you look over a profile and make sure you don’t spot any obviously bad grammar anything out of the ordinary. For example, because a lot of scammers are not native English speakers, they will use cliches in their profile descriptions. A very popular one is “I am not interested in games or drama”. Anything along those lines is liable to be a scammer. A lot of them are worded much more poorly than this example. Look out for the lack of commas, punctuation, or periods, and a general run-on sentence style of writing that does not sound like someone who is very interested in you. Now days it is probably a bot that is producing the text anyways, and all they want from you is to download an app or something similar, because that is how the creator of the bot makes his money.

Scam Dating Site Profiles

Aside from the text being weird, there are a number of scam techniques to be aware of. The way that scam artists do it is they first find a person to target from an online dating site. Then they make up a profile that matches exactly with what their target person wants. If, for example, a young woman is on an online dating site looking for an exciting man to have casual sex with, then the scammers will make up a profile to match these interests. They will usually just take an image from the internet of a young sexy man, and put their location as close to the target as makes sense. This young woman will then start receiving direct messages from this fictional man, often full of compliments and praise. It’s also common for the fraudsters to ask questions about her financial health, so they know how much they can get. Then they will try to get the women off line so they can chat by email more consistently. This is the general thread of a scam site profile on a scam site, so always be aware in case you see anything like this. So look for profiles that have a paid subscription. That might indicate that is a real person.

Online Dating Site

The main thing you need to worry about is whether or not the person you are chatting with will send you an image of themselves. That’s the best way to know. If they say they can’t, then figure out why not. In almost every case, if the person refuses to send you an image, then you can safely presume it is a scam and you should end the conversation right there. Not only that, if little is offered about their life at all, you can bet it’s a scammer. Most online dating sites have great security against your information being used without your knowledge. However, only the best sites like are able to ensure that no scammers get in the way of you enjoying casual sex with strangers like you wanted to.

10 Ways To Tell If She Wants To Have Casual Sex With You Like The Girls On Fling Tube

flingtube casual sexHow to tell if she wants you

Women can be mysterious but when it comes to wanting sex they will let you know that they want it in no uncertain terms. If she wants you for casual sex like you’ve seen on Fling Tube she will display at least a couple of these signs that she’s hot for you. When you’re ready to get it on with one of your lady friends here are the top 10 ways to tell she wants you to make a move on her:

  1. She touches you

  2. Women love to make physical contact when they’re into a guy. If she playfully touches your hair, puts her hand on your thigh or arm when talking, leans in close when you speak to her, or gets extra close during a friendly hug then there’s a good chance that she wants to get you in bed where you really can get physical together.

  3. She calls you late at night

  4. If she calls you late at night it’s safe to say she’s lying in bed thinking about you. Women who phone men for a late night chat are usually wishing he was there with her or are hoping for a bootycall invite. Ladies are often hot and ready for a casual sex fling but don’t want to come right out and say it so they’ll call you late at night to drop some heavy hints.

  5. She dresses sexy

  6. If a woman wants to get with you, Fling Tube-style, she won’t walk around in baggy sweats. If your female friend wears tight and sexy clothes around you she’s probably hitting on you. She wants to show off her body so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting when you hook up for casual sex.

  7. She talks about sex

  8. Women who want to have a fling with you will usually try to steer every conversation to be about sex. This is one of the ways she’s dropping hints that she wants to do more than just talk. She’s clearly got sex on the brain and wants to get it in your mind too.

  9. She wants to get you alone

  10. If she’s always trying to make plans for the two of you to hang out alone instead of in a group she might be hoping you’ll make a move. She knows nothing will ever happen if the rest of your friends are around so she makes an effort to hang out when it’s just the two of you, giving you the perfect opportunity to initiate a casual fling with her.

  11. She talks about porn

  12. Women who use adult porn sites like Fling Tube or local chat cam sites will often want to talk about it with men they want to sleep with. She’s trying to show you how much she loves sex and how cool she is with casual, naughty sex.

  13. She send you sexy pics

  14. If she texts you photos that are overly sexy then she’s trying to show you how hot she is and make you want her. A selfie of her dressed up and ready to go out in a tight dress, or even a casual photo of her at the local dog park but with major cleavage showing in a low cut top are signals that she’s showing off her body, trying to get you to crave a casual sex fling with her.

  15. She talks about being available

  16. If she’s single then it’s a no brainer that you can hook up with her, but if she’s in a relationship you might be holding off. If she talks a lot about being unhappy in her relationship and not having her needs met she’s likely hinting that she’s cool with sleeping with you on the side.

  17. She talks about having a casual fling in the past

  18. If she shares stories about other times she’s had casual sex she is probably trying to let you know that she’s cool with it. She wants to show you that she’s down for strings-free sex like she has been in the past.

  19. She talks about her body

  20. Women try to draw attention to their bodies when they want you to make a move. If she rubs her thighs and talks about how sore she is from the gym, or talks about needing a massage or foot rub she’s probably dropping some heavy hints that she wants you to touch her there.

  21. Bonus tip: She’s hot and you should just go for it

  22. The more of these signs she’s displaying the more she wants you. It’s as simple as making a move and giving her the casual sex fling that she very clearly wants. Show her how badly you want her too by just going for it and having the fun sex that you both want to have together.

Stuck In The Friend Zone: Tips For Turning a Friend Into a Casual Companion!

friend zoneHow To Go From Friend To Love

Do you have someone in your life that you are friends with but you lust after when not around? Is it someone you know well from childhood, or someone new in your life that you still feel uncomfortable around? Turning a friend into a casual lover is a tricky thing to do well, because you can never be sure if your relationship as friends will end because of it. Your friend might not be into it in the same way, and stop wanting to hang out with you. That’s a risk worth taking, however, and you are probably someone who likes taking risks if you are wanting to turn a friend into a lover. It’s always going to be tricky to know how to ask for sex with no strings attached, but the reward is so much bigger than the risk that you should definitely give it a shot. Though there is never a right or wrong way to go about this, here are some tips to help you turn a friend into a casual companion.

Conversation Topics

You don’t want to jump right into anything with a friend. The reality is that you get along pretty well already, so there’s no need to act like you just met this person and you want to go out on a date. Make sure you two are hanging out casually as usual, and that it’s not coming right out of the blue. The trick to doing this is controlling the conversation so that the topic of a romantic partner comes up. You don’t need to figure out how to ask for sex from your friend. That would give the wrong impression. What you want to do is pick a couple of conversation topics that revolve around casual sex and friendship and let them make the connections. The best way to turn a friend into a lover is to let them realize it too. So after you control the conversation for a little bit, and you think they kind of get the idea, then suggest having some casual sex with no strings attached. It should not come as a shock if you two are emotionally mature – but be prepared for a refusal the first time around. You need to be persistent if you really want to turn a friend into a lover. Once you have planted the seed, they will come back to it in the near future no matter what.

No Strings Attached

The next time you talk about casual sex and friendship, make sure to stress the fact that these kinds of relationships are so great because there are no strings attached, which means you feel absolutely no obligation. You know each other pretty well, and since neither of you want a relationship that is serious, a casual sex thing is just perfect for both of you. This second time around will probably go over better. The next thing you want to do is get drunk alone with them, and see what you can do!

Turn A Friend Into A Lover

Start planning events where just you and your friend go. Isolating yourselves will make intimacy and spontaneity that much easier. While you are together in a group it is probably hard for your friend to notice that you want to have casual sex with them. Make it more obvious, and they will not turn you down. Just even suggest doing something together sometime, no pressure no plans other than hanging out.

How To Ask For Sex

How to ask for sex? Well, you don’t want to ask directly, unless you are exceptionally confident. It’s easier to let your friend realize on their own, and then work it into their lives. Suggest that because you already trust each other and communicate well there would be no pitfalls or confusions or pressures to act a certain way. It’s not like you are asking for a relationship. And it’s not like there is awkwardness between you two. You obviously have a connection, it just might not be so clear to your friend. You can ask for sex directly and then help your friend see how obviously good it would be. You have trust, connection, shared ambition, and all the good things about friendship and relationship that you need. Plus, highlight how difficult it’s been for your friend to find a stable romantic partner. They have probably been through some rough relationship drama that makes them skeptical of committing or getting involved with anyone a the moment. All you need to do is point out that they do not need to feel the pressure to go on date after date after date anymore. Why do all that if you have a friend that you think is sexy? A casual sex partner is all you need to feel satisfied. And the best part about it is that there are no strings attached.

Why Free Cam Sites In Austin Are Probably Scam Sites

free scamFree Sites Are Scam Sites

Austin, TX has a whole bunch of different kinds of free cam websites. Cam websites are the best way to get really up close and intimate with strangers before you go on dates with them. Even better, if you are into role playing and imaginative BDSM, you can have some raunchy video sex with strangers if you are so inclined. It’s a pretty exciting world, and a lot of my buddies in Austin take advantage of it. While they dig the ones that are good, we all have come to realize which ones are bad.

One of the problems with cam websites – especially free cam websites – is that they often turn out to be scam sites. I can’t tell you how many hot ladies I have found from online dating profiles on online dating sites, only to find that they are scams. I’ve wasted a lot of time on these sites, and a lot of them are free cam websites. The fact that they are free is probably your first warning sign, because anyone and everyone can be on there. Online dating sites in general are not free. The free ones are the ones that are full of scam profiles and false information. So do you want to know how to detect a scam site? Let me give you a bit of my insider knowledge from years in the game.

Free Cam Websites

Like I said, free cam websites are not the way to find local ladies. Usually they are super easy to sign up for, and they promise to hook you up real quick with a bunch of locals. Those are the first two signs that you are dealing with a scam site: free to sign up and promising to hook you up with tons of locals. There was a time when I tried to meet ladies on the same free cam site for about two months. I was convinced that I would eventually meet a sexy women and not have to worry about any payment for it or anything. In the end I kept waiting for girls to respond to my video chat requests, and only 1 out of like 20 actually responded. I’m a pretty handsome guy with the full package of interesting things to go on, so I’m sure it was not my profile that turned them off. I’m sure they were not real people, because instead of agreeing to video chat with me they all sent my weird messages about how they would love to meet me in person but are stuck in Eastern Europe. I kept telling them that maybe I could help them out if they would first video chat with me. They all kept saying they did not have the right equipment to video chat with, which I did not believe. Anyways, that’s why I avoid free cam sites these days.

How To Detect A Scam Site

Aside from the two features I just mentioned, you gotta pay close attention to online dating profiles. The thing about online dating profiles is that they can be very detailed, or totally empty. Either one of these extremes is a real warning sign. If there is no ability to use live cam feed then that is a problem too. That’s the real kicker actually – the inability to use live cam for chatting. Why do you think they can’t chat? Because they are not who they say they are! You gotta be a fool to fall for that one, like I was years ago.

That’s why live cam sites are the best for ensuring fewer scams. Before, when I just used online dating sites, it was a lot easier to get duped by a scam site. A lot of profiles seemed legitimate, and even though they did not have great English, I could not tell that they were scams just by the messaging. Now with live cam it’s way easier, because if they can’t video chat they I just move on.

Online Dating

Online dating is all about knowing what you are dealing with. Like I said in this article, you need to avoid fee cam websites and online dating profiles that seem poorly written or are unable to do live video chat. The thing is, often scam sites will say they can video chat, only for them to say it’s not possible as you get chatting. That’s the challenge I’m having now, and that’s why you have to pay close attention to their online dating profiles and their messaging. If they have poor grammar and ask for weird things, then you can be rest assured it’s a scam. I once was messaged something by a hot girl that sounded like an old Turkish man wrote it. It probably was an old Turkish man! So lesson is: only chat with ladies that seem like they could be your neighbour.

From Adult Cam Sites To Dating: How To Stay Safe On A First Date

adult cam sitesStay Safe On First Date Tips

Have you been on some dates that just went terribly? Did you think you had all the right dating datings to make a first date excellent? If you are like me, you probably thought that online dating was an easy way to find great people for a first date. With all the information required, and enough time to chat with someone before deciding to meet up, it seemed like there was no concern with how to stay safe on a first date. As an attractive woman in her mid-30s, I presumed there would be some creeps on there who would try and have sex with me as quick as possible. I made sure to look every profile over quite thoroughly, and took the time to chat with each guy before we went out on a date.

Usually it was okay with this method – at least for a while. If I can give any dating tips, though, it’s that you should use adult cam sites instead of standard online dating sites. Why do I say that? Because I had some terrible first dates with guys who I thought were very different than they seemed online. Part of the problem was that I did not know what they really looked like. They would send the odd photo here and there, but usually I only had a rough idea of what the guy looked like. That lead to some awkward dates, because usually the guys are less attractive than they seem, and more macho and mean than they seem too.

So that’s why I recommend adult cam sites to really get to know the person before you decide to meet up. If you do find yourself on a first date with someone and you don’t know how to stay safe, then don’t worry: i’ve got that covered too.

How To Stay Safe

The first date is all about staying as comfortable as you can. If you don’t know what the guy looks like, then how can you stay comfortable? That’s why my first dating tip is to get a really good idea of what the guy looks like before you commit to anything. Once I went on a date with a guy who looked totally different from his online profile. He had actually used images of his friends to post on his online dating profile, and then surprise girls like me on a first date with his odd looks. I certainly did not feel safe at on that date. That’s why live cam sites are the best, because it weeds out a lot of the creeps.

That’s the first way to stay safe on a first date from online dating. But let’s say you do have a live cam website profile, and you have already had a good impression from the guy, and still the first date makes you feel safe. Do you want to know what I do to stay safe on a first date? I always have a really solid reason for why I can’t go home with him. If he keeps on asking me to then I just keep on telling him the same thing. Eventually he will back down, and that’s pretty much the toughest thing I’ve had to do.

There is obviously the risk of being drugged at a rave, so one of my dating tips is to make sure the guy you are chatting with does not want to take you out on a rave. Make sure you go someplace central for a meal amongst a lot of other people. That way, if he turns out to be really weird, he won’t be able to play all his moves on you. At a rave everything is fare game, so that’s why you don’t want to go anywhere dark and late with him on a first date.

Dating Tips

My plan with every first date is to have one of my friends on call if I need them. It’s worked a lot for me over the years, and is probably the best way I know for how to stay safe on a first date. Think about how awesome a plan that is: anytime you feel uncomfortable or unsafe on a date with a stranger, all you have to do is call a friend and have them pick you up. Once I had a guy try and follow me home from a bar after a first date. Things were just not going well, and I told him I had to go after a couple drinks, but he would not listen to me. I paid for myself and took off, but he followed me and kept insisting on hanging out for longer. He thought it was a joke, but I was getting more and more scared. So I called my friend, who I had asked to be on call for the night, and she came right away and picked me up as I was walking down the street. A first date should never be that nerve wracking for you – but just in case, have a friend on call to give you a hand!

Find out why you should consider subscribing on a live cam site

Scams on

The internet is a wonderful way for finding what you need and informing yourself, however, it can also be a dark and scary place. When looking for a mature cam site, it is very important to do your research and make sure that you are not setting yourself up to get scammed. There have been scams on and other sites, so in order to avoid scams you can search up a list of livecam sites that have been reported as so, and a list of sites that have worked flawlessly and are extremly trustworthy. If you live or frequently travel to Bendigo, Australia, then you are in luck. Bendigo has been known to have many sites that bring singles together, and to have a variety of different participants who are looking for hook ups, meetups, one night stands and relationships.

hook up with singlesSubscribe To A Dating Site

No Strings Attached

Subscribing to an adult dating website can be extremely beneficial, and although some people are still reluctant to do so, it has been proven to help single people find each other and plan different types of meetups. Being subscribed to a site will help you meet and learn about more people than you thought possible, and you will be surprised at how many singles have already subscribed and started going out on dates. The best part is that you can find relationships or hookups that come with no strings attached. You can literally meet up with someone, have sex with them, then never see them again, and they won’t hold any bad feelings against you because they wanted the same thing.

Get What You Want

When you are subscribed to an online chat site, you can literally get what you want at no price at all. All you have to do is upload some pictures, send out some emails, and wait for the replies to come in. Once you have started talking to some people, and become interested, you can either plan out a date, a one night stand or even search for the perfect sex buddy! It’s literally all up to you, these sites allow you to get what you want without having to compromise. Online dating sites are amazing because they save you from going through hell and back just to land a date, and also you can ask people what they are looking for before meeting them, which will help you save a lot of time. If you are simply looking for a one time hookup, and you start talking to someone who wants a relationship, you don’t even have to continue answering them, you can just move on to your next option and get back to getting what you want out of this experience.

Start Getting Laid

Why would you sign up for a free online dating site? Well because you want to start getting laid and stop waiting around for disappointment. When you are registered and have an account with a hook up site, you don’t have to spend your days wondering when the next time you will have sex will be, and instead you can start planning it. If you’re free that weekend, then plan a date and have a great night. Getting laid can become harder and harder as you grow older, but it doesn’t have to be, you can easily just subscribe to a dating site and find someone who has similar interests as you. Although not everyone will admit to it, getting laid is something that people think about daily, and it is a natural need that many individuals tend to fight off, however, you will be more than surprised to know that young, middle aged, and old people are seeking companionship on the daily. Stop wasting your time waiting for something awesome to happen, and sign up now. With a membership, you can start getting laid almost instantly.

Meet Singles

How many times have you spotted a handsome man across the room, and then made eye contact with his wedding ring? Too many times, right? Well stop wasting your time falling for married men and start finding the right tools to meet singles. Finding the courage to walk up to someone and start chatting them up is not so easily done, what’s worse is that you’re not sure if they are going to reject you, or if they are even single. When using online dating sites, you can meet singles who are looking to meet new and interesting people. You can also stop wasting your time looking to meet people in bars or at work, and take initiative. There are so many people around you that you will never get the chance to see or talk to, but when using online dating you get to meet a new spectrum of single and people who are not looking to waste your time.

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