Casual Sex: Are You Making Love or Just Having Sex?

Dating older women

Even when sex is just casual, for men, it's really more about love than sex. Men need to be loved. It's one of the reasons they value the number of sex partners they have like it's some kind of score. Women on the other hand, we need to feel desired. We don't really care how many men we've slept with. It's not a tally to us. We just need to feel in that moment that we are the absolute focus of our man's desire. We needn't be the only focus all the time. Just in that moment we want us to be the only thing in the world to him. That's why cougar and cub relationships are so fashionable nowadays. Younger men are seeking out older women because they believe we have something they don't: experience. At least that's what they say. I really believe on some basic level they like the idea of a woman taking the reigns. And what do experienced women know how to do? We can make them feel desired. On some basic level, this makes them feel objectified. They become the object of our desire. We use them as we please, and they seek us out to do that. We train them how to make love to us and by extension, we train them how to make love. Any man can have sex, but sex with older women is also a student / teacher relationship. We are their teachers, and what boy hasn't had a crush on one of his teachers? Of course, there isn't one. So there we are, in this role of power over them, the teacher and her student. The teacher's pet. It's the shy boys I like the best. The one's who seek out mature women because they aren't sure how to approach girls their own age. It's not that they're necessarily weak or even afraid, at least no more so than all men are afraid of women, afraid of the power we have over them. The shy boys are most afraid of being vulnerable, but on some basic level, they also deeply desire what they fear. They want us undress them, and make them ours. They want us to tell them what to do, to teach them how to pleasure us. They'll do anything you ask of them. They'll even feign reluctance if they know that pleases you. They're shy, but they're also keenly perceptive. They want you to build their confidence. They want you to see the man inside of them.

Cougar Sex Dating

For those of us who have come to terms with our proclivities for younger inexperienced men, there are several newer dating services which cater specifically to us. The problem here is that there are also a lot of scams out there that are trying to target younger men that may be naive to the ways of the world. Such scams ostensibly offer to match cubs with their cougars, but are actually just sites which advertise pornography and cam girls. Girls have to make a living, but there's no reason to be deceptive about the practice of selling such services by claiming artificially that they are cougar dating sites. It gives the sites that I use a bad name and discourages young men who may be interested in meeting me from signing up from these services. There are however legitimate hookup sites out there for those cubs who want to meet older ladies like me. I'd be ever so happy to oblige that desire. On the other hand, there are some other sites which are just for casual hookup sex which I also use for hooking up with younger men, but it's far more difficult for me to find exactly what I'm looking for. Whatever you choose to do, you should be advised that scams do exist and they are targeted mostly at men who are looking for sexual partners. For whatever reason, men are much easier to scam with dating services than are women. Go figure. The problem is that not only does it hurt men that these scams persist, it also hurts me, and my search for younger men who are looking for a mature women to teach them about themselves and their bodies. It makes me very angry that so many young men have been turned off to sex dating by all the scams out there which have cheated them out of their money and the wonderful experiences that I have to offer.