10 Ways To Tell If She Wants To Have Casual Sex With You Like The Girls On Fling Tube

Women can be mysterious but when it comes to wanting sex they will let you know that they want it in no uncertain terms. If she wants you for casual sex like you've seen on Fling Tube she will display at least a couple of these signs that she's hot for you. When you're ready to get it on with one of your lady friends here are the top 10 ways to tell she wants you to make a move on her:
  1. She touches you

  2. Women love to make physical contact when they're into a guy. If she playfully touches your hair, puts her hand on your thigh or arm when talking, leans in close when you speak to her, or gets extra close during a friendly hug then there's a good chance that she wants to get you in bed where you really can get physical together.
  3. She calls you late at night

  4. If she calls you late at night it's safe to say she's lying in bed thinking about you. Women who phone men for a late night chat are usually wishing he was there with her or are hoping for a bootycall invite. Ladies are often hot and ready for a casual sex fling but don't want to come right out and say it so they'll call you late at night to drop some heavy hints.
  5. She dresses sexy

  6. If a woman wants to get with you, Fling Tube-style, she won't walk around in baggy sweats. If your female friend wears tight and sexy clothes around you she's probably hitting on you. She wants to show off her body so you can see exactly what you'll be getting when you hook up for casual sex.
  7. She talks about sex

  8. Women who want to have a fling with you will usually try to steer every conversation to be about sex. This is one of the ways she's dropping hints that she wants to do more than just talk. She's clearly got sex on the brain and wants to get it in your mind too.
  9. She wants to get you alone

  10. If she's always trying to make plans for the two of you to hang out alone instead of in a group she might be hoping you'll make a move. She knows nothing will ever happen if the rest of your friends are around so she makes an effort to hang out when it's just the two of you, giving you the perfect opportunity to initiate a casual fling with her.
  11. She talks about porn

  12. Women who use adult porn sites like Fling Tube or local chat cam sites will often want to talk about it with men they want to sleep with. She's trying to show you how much she loves sex and how cool she is with casual, naughty sex.
  13. She send you sexy pics

  14. If she texts you photos that are overly sexy then she's trying to show you how hot she is and make you want her. A selfie of her dressed up and ready to go out in a tight dress, or even a casual photo of her at the local dog park but with major cleavage showing in a low cut top are signals that she's showing off her body, trying to get you to crave a casual sex fling with her.
  15. She talks about being available

  16. If she's single then it's a no brainer that you can hook up with her, but if she's in a relationship you might be holding off. If she talks a lot about being unhappy in her relationship and not having her needs met she's likely hinting that she's cool with sleeping with you on the side.
  17. She talks about having a casual fling in the past

  18. If she shares stories about other times she's had casual sex she is probably trying to let you know that she's cool with it. She wants to show you that she's down for strings-free sex like she has been in the past.
  19. She talks about her body

  20. Women try to draw attention to their bodies when they want you to make a move. If she rubs her thighs and talks about how sore she is from the gym, or talks about needing a massage or foot rub she's probably dropping some heavy hints that she wants you to touch her there.
  21. Bonus tip: She's hot and you should just go for it

  22. The more of these signs she's displaying the more she wants you. It's as simple as making a move and giving her the casual sex fling that she very clearly wants. Show her how badly you want her too by just going for it and having the fun sex that you both want to have together.