Dating Tips Directly From Women Online

Winning a woman over is easier than men realize. Guys can get a woman to fall hard and fast if they play their cards right, and making all of the right moves is actually pretty simple to do. Once a guy stops thinking just about himself and tunes into what women really want from a date, then he'll see that scoring with a gorgeous woman is totally attainable. Here are the top 8 dating tips right from women themselves:
  1. Get sexy

  2. A great date is based on chemistry and a flirtatious vibe, so if you're stuffy, boring, or don't have a sense of humour you'll never contribute to the success of a date. Women don't want to just have an interesting conversation, since they can do that in any platonic or business relationship. They want someone who will make a date feel like a date - someone who can turn up the heat with flirting, charisma, charm, and sex appeal. Those are the things that make a date a success in a woman's eyes, not which expensive local restaurant you took her to.
  3. Dress to impress

  4. Here's one of the easiest dating tips: women don't actually care what you're wearing, as long as it looks like you made an effort. You can be in jeans and a t-shirt but if you put effort into being clean and looking like you planned your look she'll be happy. Women hate when a man shows up looking like dressing for a date was an afterthought. After all of the effort she puts into looking great for a night out the least a guy can do is try a little.
  5. Get groomed

  6. This is another area where guys misunderstand what a woman wants. She's not expecting perfection - she just wants to know that a guy cares enough to have bothered to get ready and look his best. Shower, shave, put on your favorite sexy cologne, and you're good to go. It's that simple, yet so many men forget these basics that women love.
  7. Be a gentleman

  8. It doesn't matter how casual your relationship is, what the vibe of the night is, or how much you even like her, basic rules of etiquette and respect always apply. Treating a woman with kindness is a must, even if you decide you're not into her at all. The same rules apply for the other people you encounter on your date, from the waitstaff at the restaurant to the valet who parked your car. If you're disrespectful or talk down to people it's a huge turnoff for women.
  9. Show her a good time

  10. Women love when man a plans a cool and unique date, mostly because it shows that he tried. Even if it's a total bust, she will always appreciate the effort. So if a picnic in the local park gets rained out it still looks better than a guy who didn't bother to make any effort at all. Women just want to know that they are special enough to make a guy want to plan something special for her, no matter what you end up doing.
  11. Make a move

  12. All too often, men will create the perfect situation for a hookup to happen but they don't seal the deal in the end and they part ways at the end of a date as just friends. Women want a man to assert himself and make a move. The whole reason for being on a date isn't to make another pal, it's to find someone who can take things to the next level. If you're into her and the chemistry is there then definitely take your best moves and put them on her. Invite her up for a nightcap or lean in for a goodnight kiss. Closing the deal can really be that simple when done right.
  13. Keep a good thing going

  14. If you're both into it then don't take her out only to never call her again. Guys set themselves up for way more work than they need by going on a constant string of first dates. If you have an awesome date with a gorgeous woman then ask her out again and again. Guys tend to panic that a repeat date suddenly means that they're in a relationship, but all it's really doing is making things easier for them to score with a great woman with each additional date they take her on.
  15. Explore the possibilities

  16. Going on a few dates with a woman doesn't have to mean that you're headed for a serious, long-term relationship. Adjust your attitude on datingto start exploring all of the different types of relationships that you can have with a woman. Things can be kept casual and you two can enjoy a casual dating fling or a strings-free sex relationship. All you need to do is stay open and get creative about what your options are.