6 Reasons Why You Partner in Invercargill Will Cheat on You

why partners cheat affairWhy are they cheating?

An affair, be it physical or emotional, is a twisted pile of a jumbled up mess. Whether we are categorically victims or perpetrators, or worse, both, there is no good ending. After the drama plays out, we find ourselves exhausted, alone, confused, and for those on the receiving end, betrayed.

As complex as cheating can become, the reasons for infidelity are often more straightforward and simple than you think. In other words, “Why did you cheat on me?” Answer: “You never spent time with me and I was lonely.” Most marital issues that lead to cheating can generally be solved with little effort long before an affair takes places if both sides are willing.

Here are the 6 Reasons Why People Cheat

It shouldn’t surprise you if your partner gives you one of the following explanations below for their extra-marital behavior. These six bond busters can quickly create divergence in the best of relationships. Do not ignore them, or you may find yourself asking “Why?”

Loneliness. The mother of all triggers, feelings of loneliness, neglect, or abandonment will cause one of you in the relationship to seek for it somewhere else – and it won’t take long. If you ignore your mate, he or she will eventually leave you alone as well.

Distance. What causes loneliness? Distance. But distance isn’t always about geography. You may have noticed recently that both of you are sitting next to each other but feel like you’re a million miles away. This happens to any couple occasionally. But beware: it’s fertile ground for an affair over time.

Loss of Desire. Here’s a painful truth: Sometimes we stay in relationships out of obligation. For whatever reason, someone has lost their desire for the person or the arrangement and wants out. Rather than sign the papers or work things out, however, they stay put and find their outlet somewhere else.

Addictions. Addictions and infidelity often go hand in hand. A person who abuses drugs or alcohol will often find others who live and act as recklessly as he or she does. Two reckless people in the same room and it won’t take long before compromise begins. Someone suffering from a sexual or chemical addiction frequently puts themselves in situations that could easily lead to infidelity.

Immaturity. Yes, sometimes it’s that simple. You’ve heard it before: some people just need to grow up. Despite all the reasons and circumstances involved, what leads many people to cheat on their partner is immaturity and lack of control. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are. There’s always a right and wrong way to address any marital issue. Cheating doesn’t solve problems. It only creates more.

The Relationship is Boring. No relationship can sustain a honeymoon period forever. Eventually both of you will, come back to earth and get back to the daily grind. If you find no grinding in your bedroom, however, or anywhere else for that matter, then you and your partner need to get off the couch and go out.

Recreation and entertainment are a big part of what drew you together. There’s no reason to stop now. The healthiest relationships are the ones in which both partners learn to laugh, goof off, and have fun in between work and all that seriousness.

Casual Sex: Are You Making Love or Just Having Sex?

cougar sexHow To Hook Up Online?

Dating older women

Even when sex is just casual, for men, it’s really more about love than sex. Men need to be loved. It’s one of the reasons they value the number of sex partners they have like it’s some kind of score. Women on the other hand, we need to feel desired. We don’t really care how many men we’ve slept with. It’s not a tally to us. We just need to feel in that moment that we are the absolute focus of our man’s desire. We needn’t be the only focus all the time. Just in that moment we want us to be the only thing in the world to him.

That’s why cougar and cub relationships are so fashionable nowadays. Younger men are seeking out older women because they believe we have something they don’t: experience. At least that’s what they say. I really believe on some basic level they like the idea of a woman taking the reigns. And what do experienced women know how to do? We can make them feel desired. On some basic level, this makes them feel objectified. They become the object of our desire. We use them as we please, and they seek us out to do that. We train them how to make love to us and by extension, we train them how to make love.

Any man can have sex, but sex with older women is also a student / teacher relationship. We are their teachers, and what boy hasn’t had a crush on one of his teachers? Of course, there isn’t one. So there we are, in this role of power over them, the teacher and her student. The teacher’s pet.

It’s the shy boys I like the best. The one’s who seek out mature women because they aren’t sure how to approach girls their own age. It’s not that they’re necessarily weak or even afraid, at least no more so than all men are afraid of women, afraid of the power we have over them. The shy boys are most afraid of being vulnerable, but on some basic level, they also deeply desire what they fear. They want us undress them, and make them ours. They want us to tell them what to do, to teach them how to pleasure us. They’ll do anything you ask of them. They’ll even feign reluctance if they know that pleases you. They’re shy, but they’re also keenly perceptive. They want you to build their confidence. They want you to see the man inside of them.

Cougar Sex Dating

For those of us who have come to terms with our proclivities for younger inexperienced men, there are several newer dating services which cater specifically to us. The problem here is that there are also a lot of scams out there that are trying to target younger men that may be naive to the ways of the world. Such scams ostensibly offer to match cubs with their cougars, but are actually just sites which advertise pornography and cam girls. Girls have to make a living, but there’s no reason to be deceptive about the practice of selling such services by claiming artificially that they are cougar dating sites. It gives the sites that I use a bad name and discourages young men who may be interested in meeting me from signing up from these services.

There are however legitimate hookup sites out there for those cubs who want to meet older ladies like me. I’d be ever so happy to oblige that desire.

On the other hand, there are some other sites which are just for casual hookup sex which I also use for hooking up with younger men, but it’s far more difficult for me to find exactly what I’m looking for.

Whatever you choose to do, you should be advised that scams do exist and they are targeted mostly at men who are looking for sexual partners. For whatever reason, men are much easier to scam with dating services than are women. Go figure. The problem is that not only does it hurt men that these scams persist, it also hurts me, and my search for younger men who are looking for a mature women to teach them about themselves and their bodies. It makes me very angry that so many young men have been turned off to sex dating by all the scams out there which have cheated them out of their money and the wonderful experiences that I have to offer.

5 Ways to Confront Cheaters in Kirklees

talk to cheaters affairConfront them about the affair

There’s nothing easy about confronting your mate when you find out they cheated. Tensions can easily get out of control. If your partner is lying to you, it can aggravate the situation even more. None of us are ever prepared for these moments, so we often do or say the wrong thing in a burst of emotion, because we often do not know what to do about a cheater.

But much of what occurs in a confrontation depends largely on the intensity you create when calling your guy or girl out. Thinking through the process before acting could produce the result you are looking for when searching for answers. Here are a few suggestions to make the ass-chewing less painful.

Wait Before Confronting Cheaters

Before storming off and beating down his or her door, give yourself some time to cool off and think through what just happened. By allowing your emotions to simmer, you can think clearly on how best to handle the head to head combat. You may want to wait for the perfect time and place to talk. By regaining your composure, you now have time to ensure that you say and do the right things.

Get All the Facts About the Cheater

Believe it or not, there are such things as misunderstandings, and coincidences. It’s always counterproductive to launch an assault on your other half and then have to retract later, because the 7th-hand information you received wasn’t as reliable as you once thought. Before you break the news to your partner, make sure you have as much information as possible.

The more you know, the more you can control the conversation. Knowledge gives you leverage you need to get to the bottom of the affair. It also give you credibility to backup the accusation. If you’re wondering right now if your guy or girl is cheating on you, read this article to look more closely at the warning signs of an affair.

Do Not Appear Desperate or Weak

There may be a time when you grieve the loss of your relationship, but that time is not now. Having a reign on your emotions is crucial. It is important to give off the vibe that despite how much it hurts, you are strong, you are confident, and you are in control. Rather than begging him or her to stay and to work things out, you need to let your cheating mate know that the future of the relationship lies in your hands now. If you appear desperate, then it will open the door for exploitation.

Minimize the Drama

Sometimes we feel that being right or being victimized gives us a license to act out of control and tell the whole world when we’ve been mistreated. When we do this, however, the negativity is now focused on us, and not our cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.

Now is the time to act dignified and mature. Draw as little attention to the affair, and yourself as possible. This simplifies the whole situation and allows you to maintain control over the dynamic of it. Spouting off, getting all your friends involved, and creating a whirlwind of drama will only worsen the situation and hurt you in the process. Remember, in the eyes of many, your cheating partner is already the town idiot. You don’t want them saying the same of you.

When to Tell Your Cheating Partner

There is no right time or place to engage in an argument about infidelity. The ideal environment, however, can provide uninterrupted conversation for an extended period. Pick a neutral place where no one has any distinct advantage or leverage. Stay away from any location where either of you could cause a scene.

And last, talk face to face. A phone conversation or Facebook message won’t resolve the problem. Your mate needs to look you in the eye, tell the whole truth, apologize, and then sit back and await your response. Give yourselves time and space to hash it out regardless of the outcome.

If you make the decision to stay with your love, it’s important that you both understand the your relationship has now taken on a new meaning and paradigm. This article on how cheating changes your relationship
provides some valuable insight, that might help your relationship recover.

Can Couples Counseling Help Save Your Relationship?

couples counselingCouples Counselling

Save Your Relationship

When you are dating someone for a long time, it can become easy to get on each other’s nerves, which is completely normal. However, many people end up staying in a relationship for an exaggerated amount of time because they feel like they owe each other that much. Just because you have been through alot with someone, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay in a loveless and sexless relationship. Many people confuse being comfortable with being in love, and that is why many relationships fail. If you feel like you need to save your relationship, and that it has been crumbling for quite some time now, then maybe you and your partner should attempt going to couples counseling. If this idea makes you cringe, and you feel like that would be a huge waste of time, then it might be time to call it quits, and move on.

Trying New Things

Trying new things can be the focal point to saving any relationship. Maybe things have become boring in the bedroom, and you feel like it is time to spice things up again. Or maybe you have been together for so long that you have both let yourselves go, and haven’t tried to turn each other on in a long time. If you feel like your relationship is worth saving, and you truly believe that you are still in love, then seeking the help of a couples counselor might just be the thing that you need. This counselor will be able to suggest different types of activities that might make you understand what the other is going through, and it can also make you want to please each other again. Trying new things like role playing, doing opposite tasks or doing exercises can help your relationship flourish into what it use to be. So, in the end couples counselling can help you save your relationship, but only if there is something worth saving. If you are no longer in love, then it is best to break it off and start fresh with someone else, or simply take advantage of being single and have fun.

Being Open-Minded

Having an open mind can help you see your situation differently, and it can also make you want to fix a problem instead of sweeping it under the rug. By being open-minded you allow your relationship to get the proper care that it deserves. If you are closed-minded, then you will never want to accept that you might have a problem, and if it comes to the point where you significant other asks you to go to couples counseling, you might just laugh in their face and immediately end the relationship. Being open-minded can be extremely necessary, especially if your partner wants to try new things in bed that you might not agree with. If you do something for you lover, that you don’t necessarily like but you know they do, it will mean a lot to them, and they might eventually start doing little things for you.

Online Hookup

Maybe you have decided to spice things up, and are looking to have a threesome with your partner. If this is the case, then looking on an online hookup website is the perfect place to go. You and your partner can post as a couple, and ask either males or females if they would be interested in having a threesome. Maybe sharing an intimate relationship with someone else will awaken something in you that has been lost for quite some time. Or maybe, your couples counselor has suggested that you try seeing different people for awhile, in hopes of arising jealousy or mixed feelings in one another. If this is the case, then looking for an online hookup might be the very next step in your journey, and you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that you still harbour feelings for each other.

Playing The Hookup Game Online

If you have done everything your couples counselor has told you, and you still don’t feel any love or desire for you partner — then it is time to end it. Once you have ended it, you can start playing the hookup game online and weigh out your options. At this point, you are probably looking for a rebound, a sex buddy or some plain old sex. All these things are easily attainable by playing the hookup game online and looking for local singles who want to give it a go. Once on an online hookup platform, you will be free to look around, chat, have sex, and go out on dates! Meeting new people will help you come out of your shell, and make you get over your ex in a quick and fun manner.

5 Tried and True Ways to Keep From Getting Caught Cheating in Hamilton

Those who cheat on their partner are essentially screwed up in one way or another. But what we have learned is that sooner or later we all find ourselves in compromising situations that defy logic. In essence, we do things we never thought we would do. I know that I have.

And for this reason we sometimes do things that we don’t want our partner to know about. Put all reasons aside, however, because rather than walk away, insanity keeps us going further into the affair. So we become masters at cheating over time. Whether it’s one affair or several, we practice to deceive. Practice makes perfect.

don't cheatKeep Your Affair Secret

With that sentiment lingering in your head for just a moment, I present to you secrets of the masters. How to become professional at being discreet; or for all you hunters reading this, how to cover your tracks.

Learn the Symptoms of Cheating

Type in ‘cheating’ in Google and combine it with ‘signs’, ‘clues’, or ‘symptoms’ and voila you will find 5 clues that your partner is cheating! Every possible symptom known to humankind is now at your fingertips. Study them and act in the opposite manner. For instance, don’t make any sudden or unexplained changes in your behavior or routine. That’s a classic giveaway. Stay on the predictable track and veer easily and as little as possible.

Technology and Cheating in Hamilton are Incompatible

There is no clearer trail leading back to your indiscretions than your phone, your email, and your internet activity. Those who are truly clever at deceit know that alternate forms of communication are a necessary part of the hookup short or long-term.

Here are some quick things to remember:

A) All information including content and media shared between any two devices is traceable down to the sordid details.

B) Nothing is sacred, and

C) Every electronic purchase you make gives your location away. Stay away from the gadgets. Since phone behavior tips off your mate more than anything else, here are some pointers for keeping your phone behavior above suspicion.

How to Avoid Lying About Cheating

You have to be impressed with those who can craft a perfectly conceived lie and then deliver an academy award-winning performance to sell it. What’s even more impressive, however, is the one who takes on an affair that no one honestly has a clue about. When participating in extracurricular activities, every action you make should be disciplined and every interaction should be well-calculated. Never allow yourself to be in a situation where you have to lie about anything. Never give cause for suspicion.

Control Your Emotions

Let’s face it. Most affairs inevitably turn into an emotional trainwreck for any of us who have ever been in one. It’s often these unharnessed emotions in seemingly unrelated situations that give off clues your partner will easily pick up on.

Being easily offended, or overly defensive are huge red flags. Emotional distance from your mate will stir up suspicion that will not go away. Making crucial decisions based on emotions will land you in the hotseat fast. Chances are your emotions are what led you to cheat. They don’t have to govern the entire dynamic of the affair however. By controlling them and showing restraint, the road to and from low-profile infidelity is slightly smoother.

Here’s an article that will give you some insight as to what people are looking for to catch someone having an emotional affair

Don’t Keep Anything

I realize that the memories you made with your side squeeze are as esteemed as a scene in Breakfast Club. Bringing your souvenirs home and stuffing them in that box you thought no one would open, however, could lead to your back-alley rendezvous coming to a screeching halt. Remember three words: Leave. No. Trace. The best way to catch a cheater is to find his items. Items that are most often discovered are receipts, gifts, clothing, paper correspondence, and, of course, the smell of fragrance.

Five Clues My Partner is Cheating

clues affairI know they’re cheating

Have you ever read through a list of symptoms for a certain health condition and thought “Yep! That’s me!” What about the symptoms that your partner may be cheating on you? Were you so sure then? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if he is cheating or she is on the verge of a fling.

In my experience, however, someone always leaves a trail and the signs lead somewhere else if not an affair. The good news is, you’re not crazy. At least one partner in almost every couple gets the heebie jeebies now and then about the status of a relationship. Most of it’s small insecurities that float in and out – no harm done. In some instances, however, going with your instincts served you well, as your fears were confirmed. If you want to learn more about how to distinguish between your paranoia and they’re cheating then read this article.

5 Ways to Know if He or She is Cheating

Although not all signs of an affair lead to a bad conclusion, below are five unmistakable clues that he or she is cheating on you with someone else in Catharines-Niagara:

Overprotective with the Phone. This may be the most obvious sign of all of them. When your significant other refuses to allow you any access to the phone, then they’re hiding something. A true relationship is built out of trust and transparency. If transparency is breaking down over the phone, then it’s a safe bet it’s breaking down in other areas.

Emotional and Physical Distance. When you’re partner is distant it’s difficult to read what’s going on inside of them. It’s easy to get paranoid as suspicion sets in and grows. Distance can be an indicator of other personal issues: depression, stress, or guilt over something other than infidelity. You’re lover’s distance, however, could mean that he’s placing all his emotions and other things elsewhere. Try to understand what’s causing the distance, before you rush to conclusion, this may give you a clearer picture of what’s going on.

Sudden Changes in Behavior. Have you noticed that your man is suddenly dressing nicer? Is your girlfriend making continued excuses for being late when she’s never had a problem being prompt? Sudden changes in behavior can indicate any number of issues. So watch for a combination of symptoms such as irregular obsession with hygiene and looks, changes in daily routine for no reason, or failure to provide adequate explanations for gaps in time. How many times do you find yourself asking, “Where were you??”

Easily Offended and Defensive. If you notice that your mate is reacting to what you say in a way that feels disproportionate, it may be because he or she feels like you’re always ‘probing’ and feels threatened by any hint that you may be snooping around or trying to get answers. Your partner may be offended when there’s no real reason to be. How sensitive are they to normal questions?

Your Mate Has Lost Interest. All relationships grow stale from time to time. If this doesn’t seem to be an issue with your partner, then it’s because his or her focus is elsewhere, possibly in someone else. How does he act when you say that you want to do things to spice up the marriage? Does she seem distracted or become unresponsive whenever you bring up the ‘us’ conversations? Just like a person can’t be in two places at once, neither can your mate focus on you and someone else. Sooner or later something’s gonna give. Your guy or girl may have given you clues all along by becoming apathetic or lethargic toward anything between you two.

What If I Find Out He or She Has Been Cheating?

When you know beyond a doubt that your partner has been cheating, the first thing to do is confront them. This can be a difficult, because most people are not equipped to handle these situations. These tips on “How to Tell Them You Know They Cheated”, are an excellent guide for you to follow.

Hard Evidence: 4 Online Tools to Catch a Cheater in Windsor

catch them cheating appsOnline Tools Catch Them in the Act

First let’s get something straight. I recommend only going as far as is absolutely necessary to find out if your mate has taken a left turn and wandered off the path. Investigating infidelity can wear you out and leave you diving headlong into relational PTSD.

My advice? Go eye to eye with this person person and hash it out. Whatever needs to be said and worked out, can happen in that moment if both parties are honest and have a listening ear – oh, and don’t kill each other. By taking that step instead of the alternatives, you just saved yourself hundreds of dollars in software equipment, and hundreds of hours of lost sleep.

The truth may surprise you, and there’s a good chance you can work it out. Just be bold. If you need a few more pointers on how to pick up the pieces and save your marriage after an affair I suggest this article, save your marriage after an affair.

Which Online Tools Are Best For Catching Them Cheating?

If, however, your soon-to-be-insignificant other, turns out to be a lying sack of shit and can’t look you in the eye, then you may have to go next level. No, we’re not calling in Keanu Reeves (ok, bad example), but we are about to get our hands dirty.

The simplest way to start is to check browsing history on the computer That may reveal what you suspected all along. If you don’t know what you are looking for when checking history, then read tips on what to search for in browsing history.

Quick! Go to your computer, open up your browser, and do some research on these four web pages below. These cheat sheets are all great starting points and generally tell you what you need to know within a few hours. Here they are in no particular order:

Teensafe. No you’re not children (although your partner is acting like one). Teensafe’s features, however, are for everyone 20 and up. It’s easy and it gets the job done. Texts, calls, location, and web history – the four pillars. Like most online sites it does offer an app. Your choice.

Spy. mSpy claims they can do it all, and they’re pretty close. They offer more features in both the computer and phone categories. I like that it digs a little deeper into the machine to find the goods. This is especially useful with media files. Translation: the nasty videos and photos.

Highster Mobile. Moving over into app territory, Highster mobile is a virtual pink panther, giving us a lesson in how to catch a cheater. Like many of it’s competitors, the Highster can capture media and messages from other apps including social media apps. This massive search tool also offers remote lock and remote picture taking.

Flexispy. For those who have to know every juicy detail, I recommend Flexipsy, a.k.a., inspector gadget. With over 150 spy features, the tech only goes up. It starts with call intercept that allows you to listen in on suspicious phone calls. You can also trace all passwords used on the phone. Remcam offers remote photo capture which can be sent straight to your account. Pretty cool.

Advice When Using Technology to Find Out If He is Cheating

A word of advice. No, actually a strong warning. As with most web-related black ops, there are scammers sitting like spiders in their holes waiting for you to suddenly appear. Safeguard Online provides some insight on how to avoid them. According to a recent article, any spy site worth its weight in data will carry three easy-to-locate credentials: Phone numbers that lead to legitimate business, nominal monthly fees (spend no more than $29.99 for anything), and a clear path to customer support with live bodies on the other end.

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