Key Features Of A Scam Dating Website

scam websiteHow To Know A Website Is A Scam

Scam sites in the online affairs website world have become very popular. Sometimes the entire site is a scam site, meaning that the monthly subscription you pay goes directly to the scam site owner. For years scam sites have been an issue – but only in recent years has the technology improved so much that criminals now know how crack legitimate dating sites and create scam profiles. This is obviously a problem for you as a person looking for casual sex, because either way you are paying money for nothing. The problem of having scammers create profiles is very common, and you may want to ask yourself if the online affairs website you want to use is full of scammers. The rise in popularity of online dating sites is matched in popularity by the increasing number of scam sites. So if you are just in it for casual sex, how do you know what to look for? For example, is MarriedDateLink a scam? No. MarriedDateLink is a good example of a legitimate site without any scammers on it. So that what makes a scam site? How can you tell that you might be dealing with one? Let’s investigate.

Scam Dating Sites

Let’s look at specific scam dating site profiles, which happen on a lot of sites. Not only that, but a lot of them are women from eastern Europe or various parts of Africa. That’s because these scam artists live in those parts of the world. That makes it really hard to hook up for casual sex, and qualifies the online dating site as a scam site. A lot of online affairs websites or just singles dating sites can be hacked by individual scammers that make up fake profiles. You need to be on high alert every time you look over a profile and make sure you don’t spot any obviously bad grammar anything out of the ordinary. For example, because a lot of scammers are not native English speakers, they will use cliches in their profile descriptions. A very popular one is “I am not interested in games or drama”. Anything along those lines is liable to be a scammer. A lot of them are worded much more poorly than this example. Look out for the lack of commas, punctuation, or periods, and a general run-on sentence style of writing that does not sound like someone who is very interested in you. Now days it is probably a bot that is producing the text anyways, and all they want from you is to download an app or something similar, because that is how the creator of the bot makes his money.

Scam Dating Site Profiles

Aside from the text being weird, there are a number of scam techniques to be aware of. The way that scam artists do it is they first find a person to target from an online dating site. Then they make up a profile that matches exactly with what their target person wants. If, for example, a young woman is on an online dating site looking for an exciting man to have casual sex with, then the scammers will make up a profile to match these interests. They will usually just take an image from the internet of a young sexy man, and put their location as close to the target as makes sense. This young woman will then start receiving direct messages from this fictional man, often full of compliments and praise. It’s also common for the fraudsters to ask questions about her financial health, so they know how much they can get. Then they will try to get the women off line so they can chat by email more consistently. This is the general thread of a scam site profile on a scam site, so always be aware in case you see anything like this. So look for profiles that have a paid subscription. That might indicate that is a real person.

Online Dating Site

The main thing you need to worry about is whether or not the person you are chatting with will send you an image of themselves. That’s the best way to know. If they say they can’t, then figure out why not. In almost every case, if the person refuses to send you an image, then you can safely presume it is a scam and you should end the conversation right there. Not only that, if little is offered about their life at all, you can bet it’s a scammer. Most online dating sites have great security against your information being used without your knowledge. However, only the best sites like are able to ensure that no scammers get in the way of you enjoying casual sex with strangers like you wanted to.

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